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Multilingual Shared Templates and Modules
ознака: испорука масовне поруке
(Multilingual Shared Templates and Modules)
<div lang="en" dir="ltr" class="mw-content-ltr">The Wikimedia Foundation has published a [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia_Foundation_Medium-term_plan_2019|Medium-Term Plan proposal]] covering the next 3–5 years. We want your feedback! Please leave all comments and questions, in any language, on [[m:Talk:Wikimedia_Foundation_Medium-term_plan_2019|the talk page]], by April 20. {{Int:Feedback-thanks-title}} [[m:User:Quiddity (WMF)|Quiddity (WMF)]] ([[m:User talk:Quiddity (WMF)|talk]]) 19:35, 12. април 2019. (CEST)</div>
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== Multilingual Shared Templates and Modules ==
<div lang="en" dir="ltr" class="mw-content-ltr">Hello sr-wiki community! ({{int:please-translate}})
I recently organized a project to share templates and modules between wiki projects and languages. It allows modules and templates to be “language-neutral”, and store all text translations on Commons. This means that it is enough to copy/paste a template without any changes, and update the translations separately. If someone fixes a bug or adds a new feature in the original module, you can copy/paste it again without any translation work. My bot ''DiBabelYurikBot'' can help with copying. This way users can spend more time on content, and less time on updating and copying templates. Please see [[mw:WP:TNT|project page]] for details and ask questions on talk page.
P.S. I am [[meta:Affiliate-selected_Board_seats/2019/Nominations/Yuri_Astrakhan_(yurik)|currently running]] for the Wikimedia board, focusing on content and support of multi-language communities. If you liked my projects like maps, graphs, or this one, I will be happy to receive your support. (any [[meta:Affiliate-selected_Board_seats/2019/Eligible_entities|registered user group]] can vote). Thank you! --[[User:Yurik|Yurik]] ([[mw:User talk:Yurik|🗨️]]) 06:27, 12. мај 2019. (CEST)</div>


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